Have you ever had this feeling while browsing other websites? Wow! I love this website, but I’m not sure exactly what are the factors that make it tick and how can I reproduce that effect on my website? To enlighten you on whether you should revise your website or not, take a look at these statistics:

  • Since 2017, 50% of web connections are made from a mobile device.
  • 60% of influential marketers believe that today’s marketing teams should have a data-driven customer strategy and include all stakeholders in the business.
  • There are 25 million businesses on Instagram.
  • 89% of internet users are likely to recommend a brand after a positive user experience with that brand on a mobile device.
  • 62% of Internet users are less inclined to buy a product if the user experience on mobile is not positive.

Should I review my website?

  • Are you having trouble selling online?
  • Are you having difficulty recruiting talent?
  • Are you embarrassed to invite potential customers, family members or friends to visit your website?
  • Do you find that you are not able to differentiate yourself from your competition?
  • Do you find that your site is not generating results?
  • Are you getting out in the search engines?

If these questions have highlighted the issues of your website, we advise you to start a website creation or redesign process. You probably have questions about the pitfalls to avoid and the procedure to follow so as not to relive the same journey as when you created your current site, only a few years ago. Contact today.


Is your site ready for the move to mobile? More and more people use their smartphones most of the time to browse the internet, which is why your website needs to adapt to different mobile devices. Otherwise, you are losing sales right now. An adaptive “responsive design” allows for better navigation because it is not necessary to enlarge and reduce the surface with the fingers to read the text and click on the buttons. A good website definition is described here on this portal.


Our approach to website design will allow you to have a huge choice of graphic designs, which are very trendy right now and will last a long time, specially pre-selected for you so that you can visualize in advance what the development could look like of your website once online.


From programming various static, dynamic, and interactive elements as well as more complex functionalities, on the WordPress content management platform or to the programming of a “custom CMS” personalized content management panel, our experienced programmers will ensure that that the programming of the lines of code be lightened, that the pages load quickly and to make all the necessary modifications so that the creation of your website accomplishes the tasks that you want.

Our team of programmers and web integrators can carry out the following

• Design of websites that adapt to all mobile devices;
• Web design on the WordPress platform which allows you to modify the content of your site;
• Creation of a very user-friendly personalized content management panel;
• Creation of a website for ecommerce on the Magento or WooCommerce platform;

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